Simple, fast, and repeatable variant discovery and interpretation for gene panels, whole exomes, and whole genomes.

VarSeq Manual

Read the full VarSeq manual to learn all about the product and its features!

Tutorial: Introduction to Varseq

This tutorial covers a basic de Novo Trio workflow with an emphasis on understanding and exploring filter chains and variant tables

Tutorial: Cancer Gene Panel

This tutorial covers a basic gene panel workflow with an emphasis on adding, modifying and manipulating filter chains.

Getting Started Guides

Getting Started Guides

Install and Login Guide PDF

Everything you need to know about how to install VarSeq, create a login and register the product.

Creating a New Project PDF

Walks you through creating a new project, annotating and filtering variants and exporting filtered and annotated data.

Work with an Existing Project PDF

Quickly learn how to manipulate the visible data and samples, adjust the layout of the views in the project and take notes that are saved as part of the project.

GenomeBrowse PDF

Get up and running with the embedded genome browser, adding plots, navigating to features and changing how data is displayed.

Contact Bioinformatic Customer Support with VarSeq Questions

Our support hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 am through 5:00 pm Mountain Time. Email technical support requests are usually responded to the same business day, and in most cases within a couple of hours.

We request that you provide your license ID when you contact support together with explicit details of the request at a minimum. The more thorough the details of the question or problem the easier it will be to provide an answer in a timely manner.

888.589.4629 or 406.585.8137