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Repeatable clinical workflows essential for CLIA and CAP certified analysis
Creation of high throughput pipelines
Access to curated annotation sources that are updated regularly

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Repeatable Clinical Workflows

VSPipeline allows you to create workflow-encoded project templates which lock down quality control and filtering parameters, automating your pipeline and providing you with the requirements needed for CLIA and CAP certified analysis. The VarSeq ® project produced by the automated pipeline can be opened and used by the lab staff to complete the variant interpretation and reporting using the easy-to-use graphical interface.

Power and Flexibility for High Throughput Environments

Working in a high throughput environment requires increased power and flexibility, and VSPipeline delivers. The command line runner provides you access to the full power of VarSeq's algorithms and flexible project template system from any command line context, including your existing bioinformatics pipeline. Along with fully computed VarSeq projects, VSPipeline can also be used to generate other deliverables such as annotated text or VCF files as well as multi-tab Excel reports of filtered variants, sample and coverage regions statistics.

Up-to-Date Annotations

VarSeq provides access to a wide selection of public databases which Golden Helix curates and updates for our customers on a quarterly basis. The annotation and curation process ensures that the data is high quality and will work with your imported variants. While the current versions of these databases are always available, past versions are also accessible. The specific annotations used in your analysis are stored locally with your data and are never changed without your explicit request. This ensures that your analysis is performed on a stable dataset and your results are reproducible and available in the future.

Built for Clinical Settings

VSPipeline was built with our clinical users in mind, and it will prove beneficial in all clinical settings where there is a need to automate the testing pipeline, including labs conducting cancer and hereditary gene panel testing, as well as those analyzing whole exome and whole genome sequencing data.

In addition to clinical users, bioinformatics core labs can leverage the fast and flexible annotation algorithms in VarSeq and Golden Helix's unmatched and up-to-date public annotation repository with VSPipeline.

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