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"We have come to see the Golden Helix services team as our own bioinformatics department and rely on them for strategic decisions regarding data analysis as well as implementation. Their collaborative, expert approach makes them one of our most valued partners."

-Michael S. Paul, PhD | Lineagen, Inc, Salt Lake City

The key to realizing the full potential of genomic research is empowering researchers and clinicians to creatively explore, analyze, and interact with genomic data. At the same time, reduced R&D budgets and staff have led to increasing workloads, leaving investigators trying to do more with less.

For over 15 years Golden Helix has been mitigating these challenges by delivering industry-leading analytic software and services. Our solutions inspire the discovery process, empower researchers and clinicians alike, and accelerate both research and clinical adoption, all while saving our clients precious time and research costs.

We offer the following services:

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The Golden Helix Difference

Golden Helix acts as your analytic partner, not just an external resource. Transcending fee-based services, the Golden Helix® team takes responsibility for every facet of the project, completing all analytical work as outlined in detailed proposals and statements of work. These proposals are created with you, and with your goals in mind, and are designed to minimize the involvement of your busy resources.

There are several benefits to entering into such a partnership:


While your organization may have the resources to complete analytic projects in-house, these people are typically very busy. The result can be long delays and missed deadlines. Working with Golden Helix is like adding an entire bioinformatics team to your staff with the experience and expertise needed to get the most out of your study in a timely manner.


Even the most efficient analytic processes will be rendered inferior if the underlying infrastructure isn't optimized for genetic analysis. As the developers of the SNP & Variation Suite™ software, Golden Helix has the tools and infrastructure few can match.


Completing research projects in the shortest period of time and at the lowest relative cost is important. Data preparation and analysis is a core focus of Golden Helix and a standard part of its business processes. This experience translates to savings in time and money for you.


Genetic analysis is difficult; the dearth of successful genome-wide studies is a stark testament to that. Our experience has shown that few researchers are truly skilled when it comes to teasing the subtle signals out of complex data and finding truly significant associations. Your study is too important to risk putting it in inexperienced hands.


Golden Helix uses a collaborative delivery process wherein we teach our clients best practices, helping them understand how and what we do, every step of the way. At the end, you have professionally analyzed data plus a better understanding of how to efficiently execute your current or future study.


Given the number of genetic analysis projects planned, and the competing desires to complete them all in the near term, there is a need for fast and efficient analytic processes. Golden Helix is able to begin work on projects quickly and will complete your projects within specified timeframes.