Advantages of VarSeq's Annotation Capabilities

Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Presenter: Darby Kammeraad, Field Application Scientist, Golden Helix

Duration: 30 Minutes



Advantages of VarSeq's Annotation Capabilities


Darby Kammeraad, Field Application Scientist at Golden Helix, gives some insight into the advantages of VarSeq’s capability with annotations. The number of annotation topics to cover are seemingly limitless. In this webcast, he focuses on key elements that demonstrate the value of Golden Helix’s curated annotations available in VarSeq and address some important considerations from our users. We also cover the types and effective utilization of annotations in VarSeq. Finally, he covers how users can create their own annotation sources from the Convert Wizard tool.

About the Presenters

Darby Kammeraad

Darby Kammeraad is a Field Application Scientist at Golden Helix, joining the team in April of 2017. Darby graduated in 2016 with a master’s degree in Plant Sciences from Montana State University, where he also received his bachelor’s degree in Plant Biotechnology. Darby works on customer support and training. When not in the office, Darby is learning how to play guitar, hunting, fishing, snowboarding, traveling or working on a new recipe in the kitchen.