Uncovering the Genetic Mechanisms of Common Language Disabilities
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Golden Helix' Headquarters in beautiful Bozeman, Montana

Golden Helix is located in Bozeman, MT about 90 miles north of Yellowstone National Park, nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Google Map to GHI

About Golden Helix

At Golden Helix® software and analytics company, we strive to enable the genetics research and translational genomics community by making two commitments:

  1. To build high quality software to analyze large genomic datasets.
  2. To empower our end users to perform high end analytics work.

High Quality Software

To meet our first commitment we offer two software tools; SNP & Variation Suite (SVS) and Golden Helix GenomeBrowse.

Our SNP & Variation Suite (SVS) is a unique set of software tools created specifically for genetic research. SVS is packaged for SNP, copy number, and sequence data analyses on both population and family-based cohorts, including very sensitive algorithms for finding copy number breakpoints on individual samples in clinical cytogenetics. Further, SVS is compatible with all major genotyping and sequencing platforms and includes extensive data management functionality and a Python scripting interface which allows for fully-programmatic access. SVS also comes with powerful plotting and genome browser visualizations enabling the exploration of many different data types simultaneously in heat maps, variant maps, Manhattan Plots, and more.

SVS is used by hundreds of genetic and pharmacogenomic researchers in academia, government, and industry all over the world. With hundreds of citations in peer reviewed articles, SVS boasts a reputation for performance, usability, reliability, and fast time to results.

The GenomeBrowse visualization tool provides an intuitive and powerful way to explore your DNA-seq and RNA-seq pile-up and coverage data by providing stunning visualizations of your genomic data that gives you the power to see what is occurring at each base pair in your samples. A high performance backend is paired with an intuitive user interface to make sure that your discovery process is fluid and streamlined. And the best part? GenomeBrowse is 100% free!

Empowering Genetic Research

Our second commitment is met by producing software which gives the power of analysis to researchers, supporting them through their analysis, and by providing them with genomic services should the need arise.

At Golden Helix, we pride ourselves on creating software tools that are integrated and robust, but more importantly user-friendly and intuitive. Our tools are created specifically to empower biologists and other researchers to easily perform complex analyses and visualizations, eliminating the need to rely exclusively on bioinformatics experts or cobble together difficult to use, incompatible freeware. This way, you can focus on your research instead of learning to be a programmer or waiting in line for bioinformaticians.

Our support team has one mission - to ensure our customers have a great experience with our software tools. From helping to import data, to bug detection, to finding technical resources, we are committing to providing our customers with the resources they need to complete their analysis, in a world class manner and at lightning fast speeds.

We do not stop at support however, we also offer comprehensive and personalized training sessions to jump start your research. Our Field Application Scientists will take you through workflows that are relevant to your specific research, using your dataset, to ensure that you are proficient in our tools.

If you find however, that you simply do not have the time or resources to perform a certain step in your project, Golden Helix also offers a range of genomic services from analytics to imputation.

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