VarSeq 1.4.0 Release Notes

New Features

  • Added APIs to automatically generate rendered reports from VSPipeline.
  • Added an FAQ section to the VarSeq Manual. See Frequently Asked Questions.

Bugs Fixed

  • Prevent VarSeq crashes that could occur when deleting table views. This crash was more likely to occur with cloned tables in projects with a template.
  • Fixed bug that prevented sub-setting on import using a region source. Gene sources should now also remember the “Exon Only”/”Full Transcript” parameter when set in a template.
  • Prevent VSPipeline hang when adding variants to a record set and then exporting tables when using a batch script or specifying all operations in one command.
  • Fixed bug that prevented VSPipeline from importing sample fields.
  • Fixed bug that caused VSPipeline to re-run PhoRank when project is opened in VarSeq.
  • Allow download and update of annotation sources that are no longer valid.


  • Always open an empty web view when opening a new Web Browser tab. This corrects the inconsistent behavior of which site the tab would open on view creation.
  • Updated shipped Example Projects to use up to date versions of annotation sources.
  • Added sample filling for enumerated values.
  • Updated VSPipeline to auto-import all sample fields.

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