GenomeBrowse 2.1.1 Release Notes

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed Y-axis zoom in GenomeBrowse when not in automatic mode.
  • Fixed searching indexed fields when annotation sources are loaded from Public Repository.
  • Make sure that all executables have the correct permissions for Linux x64 and RHEL builds (aria2c, assistant, etc.)
  • For BAM alignment plots, remember the edited value for Filter Multi-Mapped Alignments when the option is checked and unchecked.
  • Adjusted Data Source Library Ctrl+A / Ctrl+Shift+A behavior to modify only items in the current view.


  • Converted movable toolbars to fixed “flow” toolbars for and adjusted the order of some toolbar items.
  • On Lin64, renamed to so that GenomeBrowse will run on Ubuntu 15.04.
  • When visualizing annotation sources in GenomeBrowse set labels in the following preferred order: “Identifier” > “Ref/Alt” > “Gene Name” > “Name”
  • Allow indexing of string array fields for annotation sources. This supports querying against these fields in GenomeBrowse.
  • Added HTML format flags into annotation Source Editor so visualization of these fields can be improved though HTML formating.
  • Allow for coverage computation for VCF files in GenomeBrowse that do not contain a Genotype (GT) field but does have other sample level FORMAT files.
  • Renamed Annotation Download Window buttons to make it clear that downloaded tracks will not be deleted through this dialog.
  • Optimized drawing of Manhattan plots to improve speed of drawing and redrawing at the whole genome scale.

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