VarSeq 1.3.3 Release Notes

New Features

  • New Sample Statistics algorithm added which includes computed statistics for each sample over the called variant sites. See Sample Statistics for more information.
  • Added new functions to the Compute Fields algorithm including: round, trim, and stdev.
  • Added API for skipping header lines in the sample information file in VSPipeline: sample_fields_header_value and sample_fields_ignore_value.

Bugs Fixed

  • Adjusted Data Source Library Ctrl+A / Ctrl+Shift+A behavior to modify only items in the current view.
  • Fixed Aggregate Counts of Variables Crash.
  • Fixed Expression Editor Crash.
  • Fixed Append Records option when importing data into a project created with a template.
  • Fixed program freeze during import via VSPipeline when no variants are created.
  • Fixed VSPipeline hangs on import command for re-import.
  • Fixed VSPipeline wait_for_download to wait for annotation refresh or DAL propagation
  • Fixed Text Export list delimiter to accept symbols.
  • Fixed unchecking signature bug in VSReports introduced in 1.3.2
  • Fixed XLSX Export bug causing unreadable and missing data in Excel.
  • Count Alleles algorithm with a grouping variable selected no longer crashes VarSeq when launched while import is working.
  • Left Alignment of variants is now working correctly on import.
  • Export to VCF now creates single sample VCF files for all export options.
  • Fixed bug that caused aggressive truncating in the data console.
  • Look ahead farther when reading VCF files to ensure proper ordering of features.
  • Added support for computing boolean arrays from both variant and sample field using the Compute Fields algorithm.


  • Updated EULA.
  • Optimized drawing of numeric value plots in GenomeBrowse to improve speed of drawing and redrawing at the whole genome scale.
  • Updated truncating in data console to be less aggressive.
  • Updated Annotation version control to skip tracks with no series name listed.
  • Rebranded Database and Variant Catalog to Assessment Catalog.
  • Added a license gate to Coverage Statistics.
  • Added Allele Count to Count by Genes.
  • Polished Compute Fields dialog.
  • Updated manually associating BAM files to support BAMs in multiple directories.
  • Added Hyperlink to BAM file path in Sample Table to load in GenomeBrowse
  • Updated project names with dots in file names to match folder name.
  • Updated import to support old VS projects (v1.2.0 and older).
  • Added option to XLSX and Text export to fill in missings with a symbol.
  • Reorganized the annotation algorithms in the selection dialog for Computed Data….
  • Updated shipped templates.
  • Added Gene Name, Transcript Name, and Strand columns to Aux field group.
  • Updated Save Template as Project to include sort information for non-sample fields.
  • Updated Genotype Zygosity algorithm to better handle half called and multi-allelic genotypes.
  • Improved Project Saving On Load.
  • Added parameters for subsetting variants on Import to regions defined in an annotation source including +/- BP window and if subsetting down to Exon Only regions or Full Transcripts (Regions).
  • Polished variant collapsing transform algorithm on Import.

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