SVS 8.4.3 Release Notes

New Features

Bugs Fixed

  • Adjusted Data Source Library Ctrl+A / Ctrl+Shift+A behavior to modify only items in the current view.
  • Fixed Variant Classification options for Transcript Set not being recognized bug.
  • Fixed PLINK import causing project to become unresponsive on OSX bug.
  • Updated Text Export to show progress dialog.
  • Fixed issue with Convert Wizard that caused the data preview to be missing for all supported file types.
  • Fixed issue with loading feature information into the Details view when clicking on sources in GenomeBrowse.
  • Fixed color by variable issue in the Plot Viewer when variable name contains an apostrophe.
  • Fixed affection status selecting for VCF Import with more than 1000 samples.
  • Fixed error when selecting gene count output for DNA-Seq > Variant Classification tool.
  • Fixed the following issues with DNA-Seq > Annotate and Filter Variants:
    • Allow annotation sources to contain non-unicode characters
    • Allow annotation for interval sources without a Name field


  • Updated Import Single Illumina Final Report to guess data grouping.
  • Added no-effect line to Meta Analysis Forest Plot
  • Updated tab widget for prompt dialog to dropdown instead of wide dialog for long tab list.
  • Optimized confidence interval computation for Genotype > Quality Assurance and Utilities > Fixation Index Fst to use multiple threads for computation.
  • Optimized drawing of Manhattan plots in GenomeBrowse to improve speed of drawing and redrawing at the whole genome scale.
  • Update File > Create Marker Map from Spreadsheet script to allow for the chromosome column to be of integer type.

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