VarSeq 1.3.0 Release Notes

This release follows our practice of having stable major version releases, with no new features but hardened versions of the features added in the previous minor releases.

Bugs Fixed

  • Prevent crash when opening a new note in a project that does not have an existing note.
  • Fixed crash when importing and merging TSF files containing sample matrix enumerated lists.
  • Prevent hang when exporting non-variant tables from VSPipeline.
  • Fixed crash when deleting the Variant Sites column group (imported data) when there are variants imported and also when no variants were imported due to filters specified on import.
  • Ensure project templates verify license flags before running.
  • Forced update of File menu for an open project on project change to make sure the correct import/add/export options are displayed.


  • Updated the import algorithm to treat * (a symbolic allele representing a deletion) from GATK version 3.4.
  • In the Details View, added elide pop-ups for table cells that contain more than 50 characters.
  • In the right-click menu for cells in the Table view, only display the first 50 characters of the cell as the Copy option. This keeps the menu a reasonable size but all text will be copied.
  • Allow segment queries using “M” instead of “MT” if the genome assembly lists “M” as an alias for “MT”.
  • Start progress sooner when adding a new annotation. This removes the delay after adding an algorithm when there were several already existing algorithms.
  • Allow algorithms on source groups to be rerun. This allows for algorithms to be rerun in old projects when the algorithm has been updated in newer versions of the program. To rerun an algorithm, right-click on an algorithm source group column header and select “Rerun <algorithm>”.
  • Fixed alignment and sizes of combo boxes in the Data Source Library to ensure that part of the text will always be shown for the source type selection.
  • VSReports Polishes:
    • Save selection of report template between tab or view instances.
    • Added a vertical scroll bar to the Configure Report Template dialog.
    • Added rich text edit controls to the methods, limitations and background widgets in the Configure Report Template dialog.
    • Included an example of modifying a report template in the VSReports documentation. See: Example: Adding a Data Field to a Report.
    • Update required and optional sources when changing report templates.
  • VSPipeline Polishes:
    • Have Excel XLSX tab names be consistent with the tab names when exporting from VarSeq GUI.
  • When the license is expired, look for an available non-expired license and auto-fill in the key in the Activate a VarSeq License Key dialog. This still requires the user to validate, accept the EULA and then activate the key.

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