GenomeBrowse 2.1.0 Release

New Features

  • Save as Image now includes the option for saving in SVG format.
  • Added support for managing Genome Assembly views in the GenomeBrowse window, genome segment order and visibility can now be changed. See Managing Genome Assembly Views for further details.

Bugs Fixed

  • Clicking on a folder URL now launches a file explorer window at that location instead of trying to launch and failing.
  • Fixed console information for categorical array fields to have the correct size instead of a list of missing values.
  • In the Expression Editor, the “Chr” field is now correctly handled as a string and the “Start” and “Stop” fields are correctly handled as integers. This will now allow you to add expressions such as “Chromosome”, “Start”, “Stop”, “Stop – Start <= 2”, etc.
  • Fixed sorting of fields in the Data Source Library to be in numeric order for certain fields including the size of the sources.
  • Plots now correctly maintain y-axis zoom levels when selecting Save As Image or when adjusting the x-axis position.
  • Fixed index assignment operator for arrays so Expression Editor can use specific entries to calculate new fields.
  • Changed SSL ( and bundled with RHEL build to prevent SSL Handshake errors when logging in.
  • Convert Wizard bugs fixed:
    • Fixed error when a CSV file was selected for converting that caused the comma delimiter to be treated as part of the field data.
    • Merging TSF files now correctly merges the segment list.
    • Fixed an issue that caused a crash when selecting an invalid source for conversion.
  • Allow GenomeBrowse to plot data from a VCF file that contains string arrays instead of giving the error that mapFields cannot be converted from StringArray to String.


  • Added Select All and Deselect All keyboard support (<Ctrl> + A and <Ctrl> + <Shift> + A respectively) to all web views.
  • Added search pop-up and keyboard search support (<Ctrl> + F) for all web views.
  • Added Variant Databases as a default location in the Data Source Library under Local Annotations if it exists.
  • Fixed right-click Open Folder on location sub-folders in the Data Source Library.
  • Adjusted layout of Add Location dialog in the Data Source Library to prevent the dialog from being too small for its contents.
  • Updated default RefSeq gene annotation source based on GRCh37_g1k build to include Locus Reference Genome (LRG) identifiers, updated source name is RefSeq Genes 105v2, NCBI.
  • Convert Wizard polishes:
    • Added support for converting BED files with only chromosome, start position, and stop position.
    • Added support for vcf.gz (gzip) files.
    • Added the ability to copy source information from an existing annotation source to a new source through the Advanced Options.
  • Registering for GenomeBrowse now has “Keep me informed!” unchecked by default and the tool tip has been updated to state:

    Stay updated with exclusive e-books, timely invitations to webcasts and events and other communications from Golden Helix.”

  • In the Data Source Library, using the keyboard arrows to select a source will now update the information about that source in the Information Pane.
  • Clear completed downloads from the download manager after closing GenomeBrowse.
  • Allow multiple instances of GenomeBrowse and other Golden Helix products to download files from the Data Source Library simultaneously.
  • Console view polishes:
    • Added a note for transcripts with missing start and stop codons.
    • Now suppressing long transcript nucleotide sequences with an added link to expand when necessary.

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