VarSeq 1.1.0 Release Notes

Bugs Fixed

  • Reevaluated container logic when switching logic (AND to OR or vice versa) from filter container right-click menu.
  • Fixed a bug that classified missing genotypes as hemizygous when merging VCF files and running the Genotype Zygosity algorithm.
  • In the Expression Editor and Compute Fields algorithm, the “Chr” field is now correctly handled as a string and the “Start” and “Stop” fields are correctly handled as integers. This will now allow you to add fields to your table such as “Chromosome”, “Start”, “Stop”, “Stop – Start <= 2”, etc.
  • Fixed the progress updates for exporting tables to text files.
  • On import, handle splitting alleles when there are multiple affected samples and some variants are half-called (i.e. 1/. or 2|.).
  • Fixed a bug in the Matched Gene List algorithm when running the algorithm from a gene table which placed the project in an invalid state.
  • Fixed “p.” notation for transcript annotation in certain cases involving invalid transcripts.
  • Fixed error that occurred when clicking on intermediate filter output immediately after annotating variants with an annotation source.
  • Ensured that the Data Source Library is refreshed after downloading sources. In certain cases when the annotation path in the properties file used had inconsistent path delimiters the refresh failed.


  • Moved variant count and notification widget to the tool bar when the tool bar is above the table (default location) to prevent the widget from blocking the right most column group header(s).
  • Added a transcript status column to the Variant + Transcript Interactions column group for transcript annotation. This column indicates if the variant is in an invalid or complete transcript or in an intergenic region.
  • Updated the Exome Trio Template to show the details pane by default.

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