VarSeq 1.0.3 Release Notes

New Features

  • Created a tooltip and status tip for filter cards to indicate source and field information at a glance.
  • Created a report for filter cards which displays in the Detail View when a filter card is clicked on.
  • Allele Counts can now be split into affection status categories for the allele counts algorithm. This will allow you to filter out variants present in unaffected samples from the affected samples’ variants.
  • Cloning a table now locks the table to the set of variants in the table when cloned. Clicking on variants in the filter chain will not change the variants seen in the cloned table. This preserves the list of variants.
  • Added ability to duplicate filter cards and containers. This is in the filter menu.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed the high memory usage when running the Compound Heterozygous Mutations algorithm.
  • Fixed the delete column group messages to be consistent and use the actual column group name to prevent confusion as to what will be deleted.
  • Fixed file gate to not allow compressed BED files in the import wizard.


  • Empty template was simplified to a single table view.
  • Moved variant count and status menu into a floating widget in the corner of the table.
  • Viewer Mode no longer allows you to add filters or delete sources.
  • Inactivating a table filter now updates the table tab title to read “Unfiltered” to indicate no filter is applied.
  • Open the filter configuration dialog automatically when adding a filter directly from the filter chain.
  • Changed the Impact column in the Annotate Transcript output to be Effect and changed the categories to LoF (Loss of Function), Missense, and Other.
  • Changed the default for Save Project as Template… to be build specific.
  • Templates were updated to reflect the latest changes in the software.

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