VarSeq 1.0.2 Release Notes

New Features

  • Now supports dragging and dropping of filter cards. This feature allows for easily adjusting your chain of existing filters both vertically and horizontally across the filter workspace.
  • Added support for filter cards based on sample fields for specific unrelated samples.
  • Added the ability to delete algorithm results from the right click menu of the column groups in the table view.

Bugs Fixed

  • VCF Import: Fixed merging of files with non-overlapping chromosomes and the same samples included in each file.
  • Fixed crash due to uninitialized variable in Variant Classification.
  • Fixed ability to rename samples on import.
  • Fixed crash when registering VarSeq from an empty VarSeq Viewer project.
  • Fixed crash when selecting File > Save Project As...
  • Fixed table glitch that caused columns to appear misaligned when moving to new table view.
  • Fixed the Count Alleles algorithm to count missing genotypes from merged VCF files as diploid.
  • Updated the VCF Merge algorithm to encode missing genotypes for “holes” in the merged data as ”?_?” instead of ”?” for consistency.


  • Updated the icons used in toolbars to be more consistently styled and representative of their actions.
  • Added animated spinner to table filter to indicate process is still running.
  • Updated histogram layout for real and integer columns so labeling is visible for each bin and added artificial width to single value bins for better visualization.
  • More informative error message when user is unable to connect to the Public Annotation repository.
  • Increased network timeouts when loading our public data repository.

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