Golden Helix Partners with the Ontario Genomics Institute to Accelerate Human Health and Agricultural Genomics Research Across Ontario

Bozeman, MT (January 8, 2014) — Golden Helix, Inc. today announced a collaboration with the Ontario Genomics Institute (OGI) to bring powerful genetic data analysis software to Ontario's human health and agricultural genomics community at a significantly reduced price.

Golden Helix's SNP & Variation Suite (SVS) is an integrated collection of powerful analytic tools for managing, analyzing, and visualizing multifaceted genomic and phenotypic data. Analytic software plays an important role in genetic research. As next-generation sequencing evolves, datasets are becoming increasingly large and complex. Software that allows researchers to investigate and manipulate their data in real time has the potential to accelerate discovery exponentially.

"SVS was created specifically with biologists, clinicians, and other researchers in mind," said Andreas Scherer, President and CEO of Golden Helix. "It provides a user-friendly interface to easily perform complex analyses and visualizations, which allows researchers to turn genomic data into actionable information. We are excited to help OGI offer SVS more economically to their constituents and move genetic discovery forward in Ontario."

Ontario is home to a number of world-class universities, hospitals, and research facilities focused on life sciences and the translation of genomics tools. "OGI is committed to providing life sciences solutions in a variety of industries, including personalized health and agriculture," said Mark Poznansky, President and CEO of OGI. "Our partnership with Golden Helix will support that commitment by reducing the cost of a powerful analytic software tool, making it more accessible to researchers and clinicians."

The license agreement between OGI and Golden Helix combines OGI's drive for genomic excellence and Golden Helix's commitment to empowering biologists and researchers worldwide with useful software.

About Golden Helix
Golden Helix has been delivering industry leading bioinformatics solutions for the advancement of life science research and translational medicine for over 15 years. Our innovative technologies and analytic services empower scientists and healthcare professionals at all levels to derive meaning from the rapidly increasing volumes of genomic data produced from microarrays and next-generation sequencing. With our solutions, hundreds of the world’s top pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic research organizations are able to harness the full potential of genomics to identify the cause of disease, improve the efficacy and safety of drugs, develop genomic diagnostics, and advance the quest for personalized medicine. Golden Helix products and services have been cited in over 800 peer-reviewed publications.

About OGI
The Ontario Genomics Institute (OGI) is a private, not-for-profit corporation focused on driving the life sciences industry in Ontario through the use of genomics to increase the quality of life of all Ontarians through better health outcomes, a healthier environment and sustainable agriculture. OGI's portfolio contains nearly 100 genomics research projects and companies, with more than $850 million of research and commercialization investment. This work is enabled through relationships with Genome Canada, the Government of Ontario, and other private and public sector partners. For more information, please visit


Jessica Vionas
Director of Marketing
Golden Helix, Inc.
  Christine Beyaert
Manager, Corporate Communications
Ontario Genomics Institute