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Golden Helix Creates RNA-Seq Analysis Package in Response to Demand from the Market Place

Bozeman, MT (November 20, 2012) — Today Golden Helix announced the availability of the RNA-Seq analysis package of SNP & Variation Suite (SVS), a powerful, integrated collection of high-performance analytic tools for managing, analyzing, and visualizing large-scale, complex genomic data.

For the last year, researchers studying gene expression levels have been moving away from traditional microarrays and toward sequencing data as it can facilitate the investigation of phenomena beyond the reach of older methods, such as novel transcripts and isoforms, alternative splice sites, and allele-specific expression. Additionally, it provides greater coverage and higher quality genetic data than microarrays.

Yet, easy-to-use software packages that facilitate analyzing this data have been lacking in the marketplace. To address this gap, Golden Helix has extended SVS to incorporate RNA sequencing data quality assurance, analysis, and visualization.

“The RNA-Seq package of SVS completes our end-to-end solution for researchers using RNA sequence data to study expression levels,” stated Gabe Rudy, VP of Product Development. “With the launch of the EA/Golden Helix pipeline earlier this year, users can get their samples sequenced, aligned, and stored on the cloud. SVS then gives them the ability to analyze their samples and find areas of interest before visualizing the data in GenomeBrowse, our free BAM-file viewer.”

Rudy continued, “Using SVS as a single platform, you can now tie your RNA sequence analyses to DNA-seq or genotype array data to gain a complete biological picture.”

The RNA-Seq package is available in SVS version 7.7, which also includes other upgrades and enhancements. For a complete list, visit: http://www.goldenhelix.com/SNP_Variation/whats_new.html.  

About SNP & Variation Suite
SNP & Variation Suite is the most powerful and integrated collection of high-performance analytic tools for managing, analyzing, and visualizing large-scale, complex genomic data. It’s fast, easy-to-use, and runs on conventional desktop computers enabling researchers to interact with their data as never before. Both statistically and visually, researchers can explore the relationships among vast amounts of clinical patient data, environmental factors, and genetic variants to understand the cause of disease and other inherited traits — all without writing a single line of code or buying expensive hardware. Applications include candidate gene analysis, genome-wide association studies, copy number analysis, cytogenetic research, and next-generation sequencing studies.
About Golden Helix
Golden Helix is a leading bioinformatics organization, specializing in sequence and array-based SNP and copy number analysis, genetic association software, and analytic services. Our innovative technologies empower scientists to determine the genetic causes of disease, transform drug discovery, develop genetic diagnostics, and advance the quest for personalized medicine. Used by hundreds of researchers at the world's top pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic research organizations, Golden Helix products and services have been cited in over 650 peer-reviewed publications.


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