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Golden Helix Launches SVS 7 to Advance Next Generation Analysis

Bozeman, MT (February 18, 2009) – Golden Helix announced today the public availability of new technologies that enable faster, more complex genomic SNP and copy number variation (CNV) research and pave the way for association studies on next-generation sequence and microarray data.

Marking significant advances in capability and architecture, the company’s SNP & Variation Suite version 7 (SVS 7) was created to help researchers overcome the challenges of complex candidate gene and whole-genome studies, particularly in the areas of data manipulation, quality assurance, analysis, and visualization.

“We’ve provided powerful tools for genetic association for some time,” said Dr. Christophe Lambert, Golden Helix CEO, “but we recognized the need for a new generation of integrated analyses – programs that do far more than just find low-hanging fruit, but actually help researchers uncover rich, meaningful answers, present them in proper genomic context to enhance clarity, and then provide an open framework for sharing information with colleagues.”

Next-gen sequencing and microarray technologies are producing data of increasing density and scope, making analysis progressively more difficult. Further, the rapidly declining prices of these technologies, combined with the amount of data readily available to researchers through public and private consortiums, are dramatically increasing the size of the studies being performed.

Based on the resulting need for a new generation of integrated analysis, SVS 7 was designed to handle data of great magnitude and to provide a complete and intuitive framework to make analysis easier and achievable on a desktop computer.

In designing SVS 7, Golden Helix enlisted the aid of several experienced users of its software. One was Richard Straub, Senior Research Fellow at the NIH’s National Institute of Mental Health, who said, “SVS 7 is an extremely well thought out, comprehensive, and user-friendly program that lets me manipulate very large datasets quickly and easily. It provides many of the database and analytic functions available only in labs with programmers on staff. I consider it indispensible.”

To support the SVS 7 launch, Golden Helix is producing an educational webinar series entitled “Achieving Genome-Wide Success in SNP and CNV Studies.” The series is based on the company’s experiences with over 20 whole-genome SNP and CNV service engagements conducted over the last year. The purpose, according to Lambert, is to “share key lessons with our colleagues to help them overcome problems many will undoubtedly encounter.”

About Golden Helix
Founded in 1998, Golden Helix has become the global leader in SNP analysis and genetic association software. The company's products are used by hundreds of researchers at the world's top pharmaceutical, biotech and non-profit research organizations, and have been cited in over 100 peer reviewed publications that detail ground-breaking research uncovering the genetic and environmental basis of disease. Golden Helix is committed to Accelerating the Quest for Significance.  For more information, please visit www.goldenhelix.com.


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