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Golden Helix Releases HelixTree v5.2

Bozeman, MT (August 17 , 2006)
- Golden Helix, Inc. announced today the release of HelixTree 5.2, which includes a powerful new regression module for population-based association studies and an exclusive upgrade to PBAT (v3.5) for family-based association studies.

New feature highlights:

  • New regression module
    New regression capabilities have been added to HelixTree allowing you to perform linear/logistic regression, stepwise linear/logistic regression and permutation tests for allelic, haplotypic, and non-genetic covariates. In addition to using regression to find significant associations, a typical workflow would be to use stepwise regression to find confounding phenotypic variables, hold those regressors constant and then do a search for significantly associated haplotypes or individual SNPs. This regression approach is particularly powerful in overcoming the difficult challenges of population stratification. more...

  • Distributed and multi-processor support for PBAT functionality
    Running PBAT tests on whole genome scans and/or extended pedigrees is computationally intensive and may take days or even weeks to run with a single processor. HelixTree now enables PBAT to take advantage of cluster computing within a network as well as multi-processor and multi-core systems. With the right hardware, run times can be reduced from weeks to hours. more...

  • Improvements to the PBAT Module
    • Multi-marker and multi-phenotype (MFBAT) testing (Xu et al Genetic Epidemiology, 2006) is now available as an addition to most tests. more...
    • GFBAT (Lange et al AJHG, 2003) may now be used to adjust the FBAT statistic for environmental correlation-interactions. more...
    • Permutation testing is now available for certain tests. more...
    • The Rapid Additive Model has been added which performs a rapid scan of markers using one test per marker instead of two. This option essentially cuts calculation run times in half compared to the standard additive model. more...
    • Overall haplotype tests have been enabled. more...
    • The speed and precision of tests have been improved for extended pedigrees. The phenotype offset may now be manually specified. more...

Start making significant discoveries today! HelixTree has been cited in nearly 100 peer reviewed articles and remains the fastest, most comprehensive and user-friendly SNP analysis package available!

About PBAT
PBAT is a comprehensive software package developed by Christoph Lange of the Harvard School of Public Health that contains tools that help with the design and analysis of a large variety of family-based association studies. Among these tools are power calculations that assess the power of family-based association tests (FBATs) and screening methodologies that help address the multiple-comparison problem in whole-genome association studies. The power of PBAT was confirmed recently in a whole-genome study where it was used to identify the first common genetic variant linked to obesity. It is noteworthy that the study’s findings (published in the April 14, 2006 edition of Science), were replicated in at least a half dozen other studies. For more information about PBAT please visit: www.goldenhelix.com/pbat.html

About Golden Helix, Inc.
Founded in 1998 in Bozeman, MT, Golden Helix is a leading provider of data analysis software products and services designed to accelerate life science research and increase pharmaceutical R&D productivity. The company's products enable hundreds of researchers at the world's top pharmaceutical, biotech and non-profit research organizations to discover the genes that cause disease, improve target and lead discovery processes, and advance pharmacogenetic initiatives. Its products have been cited in nearly 100 peer reviewed publications that detail ground-breaking research for discovering the genetic and environmental basis of disease and creating safer and more effective medicines.
Golden Helix is committed to Accelerating the Quest for Significance.
For more information, please visit www.goldenhelix.com.


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