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Golden Helix, Inc. Releases HelixTree® for Mac OS X

Bozeman, Montana (March 14, 2005)
– Golden Helix, Inc. announced today the release of HelixTree® v3.1 for Mac OS X. HelixTree Genetics Analysis Software unravels complex relationships between genetic, clinical and environmental factors, disease status, drug safety and efficacy. It also manages the growing size and complexity of data sets generated in discovery genetics, pharmacogenetics, epidemiology studies and post market surveillance.

HelixTree software is at the forefront of a revolutionary shift in drug research towards pharmacogenetic-based medicine that makes “individualized medicine” a reality. In replacing the “one drug fits all” paradigm, pharmacogenetics holds out the promise of prescribing the right drug to the right patient at the right dosage - minimizing side effects and maximizing patient health.

“HelixTree is available on the Mac OS X platform because of significant user demand for it,” commented Christophe Lambert, CEO of Golden Helix, Inc. “Apple’s commitment to the Life Sciences, its innovation and price-to-performance ratio are all outstanding and we’re excited by the opportunities ahead with the launch of Mac OS X Tiger.”

“The unique combination of rock solid stability, security and the ease-of-use of the Mac interface is driving increased adoption of Mac OS X in the biotech and pharmaceutical fields,” said Ron Okamoto, vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “We’re thrilled that Golden Helix has used the power of Mac OS X to give its customers the ability to pursue the next generation of drug discovery research and analysis.”

HelixTree’s intuitive GUI is a natural complement to Apple’s traditionally user-friendly interface as the look and feel conforms to the familiar framework that Apple users have come to expect. This allows the straightforward interpretation and communication of scientific results.

HelixTree also incorporates a sophisticated FIRM-based recursive partitioning data analysis engine for locating key genetic and environmental subpopulations. This is the only statistical decision tree approach customized to the field of genetics.

HelixTree genetics analysis capabilities include linkage disequilibrium analysis, haplotype and diplotype estimation using the Expectation/Maximization (EM) algorithm, Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium analysis, regression-based haplotype association techniques, SNP tagging, and a fast exhaustive two-loci genetic association search.


About Golden Helix, Inc.
Founded in 1998 in Bozeman, MT, Golden Helix is a leading provider of data analysis software products and services designed to accelerate life science research and increase pharmaceutical R&D productivity. The company's products enable hundreds of researchers at the world's top pharmaceutical, biotech and non-profit research organizations to discover the genes that cause disease, improve target and lead discovery processes, and advance pharmacogenetic initiatives. Its products have been cited in nearly 100 peer reviewed publications that detail ground-breaking research for discovering the genetic and environmental basis of disease and creating safer and more effective medicines.
Golden Helix is committed to Accelerating the Quest for Significance.
For more information, please visit www.goldenhelix.com.


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