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The Next Chapter of Golden Helix: Our Launch of SVS 8
by Andreas Scherer, PhD, President & CEO

Today is a big day for us. Today we are announcing a major release of our flagship product, SNP & Variation Suite (SVS), to the general public. SVS 8 is a substantial improvement over the previous release in a number of dimensions (see detailed discussion on our What's New page). We've come a long way.

Over five years ago, in November 2008, we introduced SVS 7 as a powerful tool to conduct next-generation sequencing and GWAS studies. Since then, we have been adopted by hundreds of client organizations worldwide. SVS is being used by leading research organizations in the US, Canada, Latin America, Asia, Australia, Africa, and Europe. Continue reading »

The New Human Genome Reference and Clinical Grade Annotations: It's All About the Coordinates
by Gabe Rudy, VP of Product Development

It's All About the Coordinates
On my flight back from this year's Molecular Tri-Conference in San Francisco, I couldn't help but ruminate over the intriguing talks, engaging round table discussions, and fabulous dinners with fellow speakers. And I kept returning to the topic of how we aggregate, share, and update data in the interest of understanding our genomes.

Of course, there were many examples of each of these topics given by speakers and through the many conversations I had. The ENCODE project's massive data output is illuminating the functional value of the genome outside protein coding genes. The CHARGE consortium, with its deeply phenotyped and heavily sequenced cohort of 14,000 individuals, will take a step forward in our understanding of the genome as large as those made by the HapMap and 1000 Genomes Project. Continue reading »

Preparing the Next Generation of Genetic Researchers
by Andreas Scherer, PhD, President & CEO

New breakthroughs are being made every day in genomics. It's a dynamic and fascinating industry, and with exceptional growth forecast in the DNA sequencing market, a new generation of people are entering the field: future researchers, clinicians, counselors and doctors. This new generation will need to learn not only the science, but also understand how to process the massive amounts of data generated with DNA sequencing (and genomics in general). Now, as universities are putting educational programs together to prepare the next generation of scientists to understand the ins and outs of DNA analytics, they are running into obstacles. Continue reading »
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Introducing SNP & Variation Suite 8
Golden Helix introduces a major upgrade to the product used by hundreds of organizations around the world to accelerate their research. View recording »

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Quantile Transformation
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Research Contest Winners
We recently held our first ever research competition at Golden Helix what a success!

1st - Dr. Heather Huson and John Eicher
2nd - Dr. Ken Kaufman and Dr. EunRan Suh
3rd - Mark Barash and Dr. Brian Davis
Find out more »

Did you know that GHI offers Genetic Research Services?
Having collaborated on dozens of GWAS and sequencing studies, our experience and expertise will help you get more meaningful results from your data, faster, and with fewer headaches. Find out more »

Golden Helix to Sponsor MAGES
The Mid-Atlantic Genetic Epidemiology and Statistics Conference: Integrated Systems Biology, Analytical Methods for Epidemiological Studies of Complex Traits will be held May 30, 2014 at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Find out more »

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Public Data? What's that good for anyway?
by Chelsey Clayton, Marketing Assistant
PCA plot

Dr. Bryce Christensen recently gave a webcast on Maximizing Public Data Sources for Sequencing and GWAS Studies in which he covered options for getting GWAS and sequence information online, tips for working with these datasets and what you'll see in terms of data quality and usefulness, how to use public data sources in conjunction with your GWAS or sequence study (and how NOT to), and data management and manipulation features in SNP & Variation Suite to more effectively utilize online databases. In this blog post, I'll summarize his suggestions for how to use public data effectively. Continue reading »

Recent Customer Success Highlights

Molecular Autism
Identification of rare DNA sequence variants in high-risk autism families and their prevalence in a large case/control population
Matsunami, N, Christensen GB, and Lambert, C et al.
Lineagen, Utah, and Golden Helix, Montana, US
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Human Molecular Genetics
Meta-analysis of Loci Associated with Age at Natural Menopause in African-American Women
Chen, C et al.
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Washington, US
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Journal of Dairy Science
Estimation of genetic parameters for milk yield across lactations in mixed-breed dairy goats
Mucha, S et al.
Scotland's Rural College, United Kingdom
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