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"Precision Medicine": Moving Next-Generation Sequencing into the Clinic Today
by Dr. Andreas Scherer, President & CEO

Kellie Carey discussing her treatment with her doctor. Image by Jesse Neider for The Wall Street Journal
Just a few weeks ago, the case of Kellie Carey made it to the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Initially, her prognosis in 2010 was very dire. Three months. Lung Cancer. As I write this article, Ms. Carey is still alive because they were able to prescribe a drug based on the results of sequencing her tumor. It turned out that Ms. Carey has one of at least 15 lung cancer variations, which were classified in the last decade using next-generation sequencing of tumors. According to the WSJ: "Doctors now talk about a 'precision medicine' approach in which those pinpoint drugs can treat tumors far more effectively than catchall chemotherapy." Continue reading »

Finding Rare Pieces of Hay in a Haystack
by Christina Castellani, The University of Western Ontario
Christina Castellani

Utilizing Identical Twins Discordant for Schizophrenia to Uncover de novo Mutations

We are living in exciting times the reality of high-resolution microarrays and individual genome sequencing now offers renewed hope in the search for the causes of complex diseases. When this technology is combined with genetic relationships, individual sequences add unrivaled proficiency. Our lab is located in London, Ontario, Canada at the University of Western Ontario, and our interest is in elucidating aspects of the underlying genetic mechanisms contributing to complex disease. Continue reading »

SVS Workflow Automation Webcast: Your Questions Answered
by Autumn Laughbaum, Biostatistician
SVS Workflow Automaion Webcast

Last week, we presented a webcast on Workflow Automation in SVS. If you were unable to attend, a recording of it is on our website. In this post I'll respond to some of the questions we were unable to answer within the allotted time. Continue reading »
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Making NGS Data Analysis Clinically Practical: Repeatable and Time-Effective Workflows

In this presentation, we introduce custom workflow automation in SVS, which allows you to collapse dozens of steps into a few run-specific options. This click-and-go process saves an exponential amount of time while eliminating the inevitable user error that happens with tedious repetition.

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SVS 7.7.8 Provides Enhanced Documentation, Bug Fixes, and Polish
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