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Comparing BEAGLE, IMPUTE2, and Minimac Imputation Methods for Accuracy, Computation Time, and Memory Usage
by Autumn Laughbaum, Biostatistician

Comparing Imputation Methods
Genotype imputation is a common and useful practice that allows GWAS researchers to analyze untyped SNPs without the cost of genotyping millions of additional SNPs. In the Services Department at Golden Helix, we often perform imputation on client data, and we have our own software preferences for a variety of reasons. However, other imputation software packages have their own advantages as well. This motivated us to perform some tests to assess certain performance features, such as accuracy and computation time, of a few common imputation software programs. For this comparison, we tested three imputation softwares: BEAGLE, IMPUTE2, and Minimac. Continue reading »

More Mixed Model Methods!
by Greta Linse Peterson, Senior Statistician
Mixed Models Webcast

Thanks to everyone for the great webcast on mixed models. We had over 850 people register for the event and actually broke the record! While preparing for this webcast, we chose to focus specifically on a few methods. But soon people in the community reached out and provided information on additional methods. (Thanks for sharing!) So here is a list of more mixed models if you want to dig in! Continue reading »

Vanessa Hayes, PhD and Desiree Petersen, PhD Use Population Genetics to Dig into Mankind's Roots
by Cheryl Rogers, Sales Coordinator
Drs Hayes and Petersen

One-third of human genetic diversity can be found in a likely contender for the birthplace of mankind: Southern Africa. The magnitude of ethnic diversity in Southern Africa was a signal for Dr. Vanessa Hayes, Dr. Desiree Petersen, and their team at the J. Craig Venter Institute. For that reason, it has been their mission to make sure that African genomes are examined and represented sufficiently in databases worldwide. Continue reading »
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Exploring DNA/RNA-Seq Analysis Results with Golden Helix GenomeBrowse & SVS

In this presentation, we show how GenomeBrowse can be used in conjunction with SVS to highlight false variant calls, confirm the inheritance pattern of putative functional variants, and aid in the interpretation of a variant's impact.

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Add Annotation Data to Marker Map From Spreadsheet
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SVS 7.7.7 Features Improved Mixed Linear Model Analyses
SVS 7.7.7 Release Notes »

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