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Is Illumina Aiming to Compete with its Customers?
by Christophe Lambert, Chairman and CEO

Is Illumina Aiming to Compete with its Customers?
In a recent GenomeWeb article by Tony Fong, "Sequenom's CEO 'Puzzled' by Illumina's Buy of Verinata, Lays out 2013 Goals at JP Morgan," Harry Hixson, Sequenom's CEO, expresses puzzlement over why its major supplier, Illumina, is acquiring a Sequenom competitor in Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT), and thus apparently competing with one of its major customers.

In a JP Morgan interview on January 8, 2013, Illumina CEO Jay Flatley said: "In terms of our market strategy in NIPT: we plan to leverage the Verify test to drive new applications while continuing to supply instruments and reagents to all the NIPT players. In fact, we are working very hard to reinforce our relationships with our existing customers in this field. We plan to partner to help with distribution of the Verify test, and we intend to outlicense the foundational IP broadly and hopefully through that method expand the market more quickly and resolve some of the underlying uncertainty in this marketplace." Continue reading »

X-GEN SHORT COURSE: Knowing Your Upstream: Comparison of Alignment and Variant Callers Used in Production Pipelines and their Limitations
Presenter: Gabe Rudy, VP of Product Development
Date: March 19, 2013 | Location: San Diego, CA


This presentation will compare the performance of the alignment and variant calling tools used by sequencing service providers including Illumina Genome Network, Complete Genomics and The Broad Institute. Using public samples analyzed by each pipeline, we will look at the level of concordance and dive into investigating problematic variants and regions of the genome.
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New Plant and Animal Genomes and Tracks Now Available!
by Greta Linse Peterson, Product Quality Manager/Senior Statistician
New plant and animal genomes

We're pleased to announce the addition of genome maps and annotation tracks for two new plant species and added new versions of genome maps and annotation tracks for the cow and pig genomes. These new Reference Sequence and Gene tracks are available for use in both SVS 7 and GenomeBrowse. Continue reading »
   Upcoming Webcast
Insights: Identification of Candidate Variants using Exome Data in Ophthalmic Genetics

Khanh-Nhat Tran-Viet, MHA, Manager/Research Analyst II, Duke University

  Thurs, March 7
12:00 pm EST

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   New SVS Scripts
Three new scripts and two updated ones
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PLoS ONE Publishes Results of Autism Study
Director of Services, Dr. Bryce Christensen, and CEO, Dr. Christophe Lambert, are authors on the paper.
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