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Guest Post: Next Generation Variant Calling
by Jeffrey Rosenfeld, Bioinformatics Scientist at UMDNJ
Complete Genomics Caller

Just as the techniques for DNA sequencing are rapidly evolving, the algorithms for identifying variants between genomes are being continuously developed. Currently, the most highly-used variant callers focus strictly on calling SNPs with limited support for indels. In this post, we will outline some of the newer variant callers that go beyond the traditional model and use techniques such as de novo assembly or physical phasing in order to identify variants. These new approaches require greater computational resources, but the increased quality and power of the results can more than outweigh the costs. Continue reading »

Streamlined Workflow for Identifying Candidate Functional Polymorphisms
by Autumn Laughbaum, Product Quality Specialist

Since Dr. Ken Kaufman gave his webcast on Identifying Candidate Functional Polymorphisms in SVS, we've been working with Dr. Kaufman to simplify and automate many of the steps in his workflow. I'm excited to report that with Ken's help, we've been able to simplify the workflow even more. In particular we've been able to automate some of the steps to repeat automatically over all trios. Continue reading »

Election Season: Which Exome Chip Wins?
by Bryce Christensen, Director of Services
Election Season: Which Exome Chip Wins?

It has now been about a year since Illumina and Affymetrix announced their respective exome genotyping arrays. Both products were launched with ambitious visions of how they would enable researchers to learn significantly more about the cause of human diseases. So in the spirit of election season, I decided to research the candidates to see how they compare on some selected issues. Continue reading »
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Salem, S et al.
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