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GenomeBrowse is here!

Golden Helix announced it would offer a complimentary genome browser for visualizing DNA and RNA-Seq data back in October of 2011; however no release date was disclosed at that time. Well, after much blood, sweat, and tears, we are VERY excited to announce that GenomeBrowse(TM) is here!

GenomeBrowse raises the bar on the on the experience of exploring and finding key insights into your genomic data. It makes the process of exploring DNA and RNA sequencing pile-up and coverage data intuitive and powerful.

But don't take our word for it – download it yourself!

Learning vs. Doing (or why that Ph.D. took 10 years)
by Christophe Lambert, CEO and Chairman
Learning vs. Doing

What prevents scientists from being more productive and if we knew, could we do anything about it? I'd like to look at an often overlooked, but huge productivity inhibitor — bad multitasking. Many people put "excellent multitasker" on their resume as a badge of honor. We laud the efficiency of a good multitasker — they are rarely idle — someone that busy must be getting a lot of work done, right? Continue reading »

New Tools to Simplify the Workflow for Identifying Candidate Functional Polymorphisms in SVS
by Autumn Laughbaum, Product Quality Specialist

Dr. Ken Kaufman's extremely popular webinar inspired us to build new tools that would simplify the process of analyzing whole-exome DNA sequencing data even further. First I'll describe the tools showcased in the webcast. Then I'll detail the new tools we created to allow for a revised and simplified workflow. Continue reading »
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GenomeBrowse Webcast Launch: A revolutionary visual experience for genomic data
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Peter K. Gregersen, MD Puts Analytical Power in the Hands of the Biologist with SVS
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Recent Customer Success Highlights

Evidence of Associations between Cytokine Genes and Subjective Reports of Sleep Disturbance in Oncology Patients and Their Family Caregivers
Miaskowski, C et al.
University of California San Francisco
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Molecular Psychiatry
Glutamatergic GRIN2B and polyaminergic ODC1 genes in suicide attempts: associations and gene–environment interactions with childhood/adolescent physical assault
Sokolowski, M et al.
Karolinska Institute, Sweden
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Technical Reproducibility of Genotyping SNP Arrays Used in Genome-Wide Association Studies
Hong, H & Lambert, C et al.
US Food and Drug Administration
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About Golden Helix
Founded in 1998, Golden Helix is known for helping genetic research groups working with large-scale DNA-sequencing or microarray data overcome the frustration and challenges of bioinformatic roadblocks: delayed projects, lack of quality findings, and low productivity. By empowering researchers with highly effective software tools, world-class support, and an array of complementary analytic services, we refute the notion that analysis has to be difficult or time consuming. Golden Helix's flagship software product, SNP & Variation Suite (SVS), is an integrated collection of powerful data management, quality assurance, visualization, and tertiary analysis tools for genetic data. SVS is delivered in a user-friendly, scalable platform and is supported by a team of highly trained bioinformaticians, statistical geneticists, and computer scientists that together make advanced statistical and bioinformatic methods accessible to scientists of all levels.


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