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Why You Should Care About Segmental Duplications
Dr. Bryce Christensen, Director of Services
Why you should care about segmental duplications

My work in the GHI analytical services department gives me the opportunity to handle data from a variety of sources. I have learned over time that every genotyping platform has its own personality. Every time we get data from a new chip, I tend to learn something new about the quirks of genotyping technology. I usually discover these quirks the hard way, while troubleshooting an unusual pattern in the final analysis results. The good thing is that we can all learn from such experiences and know what to watch out for the next time. Quite often, I find something that I believe will be a property of just one particular array, but discover later on that other arrays have something similar. In this post, I would like to discuss one such issue that has been weighing heavily on my mind in recent months: segmental duplications. Continue reading »

Agrigenomic Researcher at U.C. Davis, Gonzalo Rincon, DVM, and Colleagues Publish 14 Articles and Obtain 2 Patents Using SVS
Jessica Vionas, Marketing Coordinator

Gonzalo Rincon, DVM
Gonzalo Rincon, DVM is a Project Scientist in the Medrano Lab, part of the Department of Animal Science, at the University of California, Davis. While the lab works on several different species including canine and ovine, the main focus is bovine research. Rincon is in charge of the analysis, and his goal is to find SNP and CNV variations that affect phenotypes such as the quality of milk and beef. Through the use of tools from Golden Helix, Rincon and his colleagues have been able to publish 14 papers and obtain 2 patents, three-to-four times faster than they would have been able to. Continue reading »
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Golden Helix Establishes Direct Presence in Japan
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ATP-Binding Cassette Transporter G5 and G8 Polymorphisms and Several Environmental Factors with Serum Lipid Levels
Li, Q et al.
Guangxi Medical University, China
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Systematic Evaluation of Apoptotic Pathway Gene Polymorphisms and Lung Cancer Risk
Lin, J et al.
MD Anderson Cancer Center
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American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Obesity susceptibility loci and dietary intake in the Look AHEAD Trial
McCaffery, J et al.
Brown University
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