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Learning From Our GWAS Mistakes
by Christophe Lambert, CEO and Chairman Learning From Our GWAS Mistakes

This month Biostatistics published online an open access article I co-authored with Dr. Laura Black from Montana State University: "Learning From Our GWAS Mistakes: From Experimental Design To Scientific Method." The paper version is expected to come out in April, along with an editorial introduction. I'm hoping that you will take the time to read it. This post extends on some of the themes of the paper, and continues my ongoing effort to examine the systems and paradigms in which we work and how we can improve or even replace them. I'm going to try to be more provocative here than the paper itself. It may insult you, but I'll make sure to insult myself as well. Continue reading »

Admixture and Blaine Bettinger
by Dr. Bryce Christensen, Director of Services

Blaine Bettinger
Allow me to introduce you to Blaine Bettinger. Blaine is a patent attorney who holds a PhD in Biochemistry with a concentration in genetics. He is also a family history enthusiast who writes the Genetic Genealogist blog, where he gives commentary on applications of genomic science for advancing personal and family history research. I first learned about Blaine last May when he announced that he was committing his genomic data to the public domain and challenged any interested parties to analyze it and tell him what they learned. Continue reading »

New Features in SVS: Accounting for Sex Chromosomes and Filter Columns by Variant Type
by Autumn Laughbaum, Scientific Quality Analyst

Blaine Bettinger
In the last couple of weeks, the SVS Script Repository has seen a handful of new additions. This blog post highlights three new scripts, but as always, we welcome you to check out our repository regularly to enjoy the new and exciting functionality made possible by our Python integration in SVS! Continue reading »
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Introducing SVS 7.6!
Version six of the venerable SNP & Variation Suite (SVS) 7 includes even more improvements to DNA-Seq analysis capabilities, new configurations of the software to meet your exact needs, RNA-sequencing analysis, and, for the first time since the release of SVS 7, new plotting types. What's New »

RNA-Seq Grants
EA, Illumina, and Golden Helix have come together to offer three RNA-Seq grants, which will include services, products, and analysis tools necessary for each study (up to 96 specimens/study).
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Learning from our GWAS mistakes: from experimental design to scientific method
Lambert, C et al.
Golden Helix
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European Journal of Human Genetics
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Sapkota, Y et al.
University of Alberta
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Genetic Variation in Cell Death Genes and Risk of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
Schuetz, J et al.
University of British Columbia
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