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Leaky Sprinklers and "The Future of NGS Market Study 2011"
by Jessica Vionas, Marketing Coordinator Leaky Sprinklers

Have you ever chosen to do something yourself instead of paying money for the alternative, when, in the long run, the alternative is not really that expensive? We all have, as we all have limited budgets. One particular example comes to mind in my own life. My boyfriend, Ben, and I bought a house in April. Unfortunately, it wasn't properly winterized last winter and the sprinkler system leaked. So what does my story about leaky sprinklers have to do with next-gen sequencing analysis? Let's pause and come back to that. Cambridge Health Institute's "The Future of Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS)" Market Research Study has been sitting on my desk since July. Here's the thing that struck me the most of any of the results of the survey. Question 5 of Survey 1 reads: "If you were highly confident of a commercial software offering's capability to support your needs would you invest in it, even if a less proven open source alternative were available?" Continue reading »

New Non-Human Annotation Tracks Now Available
by Greta Linse Peterson, Scientific Quality Analyst
Plant & Animal Genomes

Recently we have expanded our annotation track offerings with new human variant frequency catalogs such as the 1000 Genomes Phase 1 Data. Of course, we also curate data for plant and animal genomes - some of which are currently available in our software and some of which will be available in our next release. In this article, I will fill you in on these new plant and non-human genomes and what to look for in the near future for annotation tracks. Also, I encourage you to contact us if you are working with SNP & Variation Suite (SVS) and a genome not currently available in our software, in order to let us know what genome and annotation tracks are important to you and your research. Continue reading »

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