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Is NGS the Answer?
by Dr. Christophe Lambert, President and CEO; Dr. Bryce Christensen, Director of Services; and Gabe Rudy, VP of Product Development Is NGS the Answer?

While there is a lot of excitement in the industry about Next-Generation Sequencing, questions remain as to whether it will be "the answer" to the ails of the genetic research industry. We recently sat down with three of Golden Helix's thought leaders and ask a few questions about NGS:

  • Is the missing heritability going to be found in NGS data?
  • Are collapsing tests the answer?
  • What are some issues you see today with NGS studies?
  • What methods are being used for sequence data analysis today?
  • What does the future of NGS look like?
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Sequence Analysis Methods Not Just for Sequence Data
by Dr. Bryce Christensen, Director of Services
Dead End

Speaking as somebody with a long history in data analysis, there are few things I find more exciting and tantalizing than new analysis methods that might apply to a problem I am trying to solve or was unable to solve in the past. Scientists are naturally curious and don't like to leave any question unanswered. It is therefore not surprising that whenever Golden Helix introduces new features in the SNP & Variation Suite (SVS) software package we immediately get questions from researchers who want to know how the features might apply to their specific situation, even if it may seem unrelated on the surface. Continue reading »

Creating Annotation Tracks from 1000 Genomes Phase 1 Data
by Greta Linse Peterson, Scientific Quality Analyst

Creating Annotation Tracks If you have ever worked with NGS variant data, you may have come to realize that the first task at hand is the seemingly simple categorization of your variants into two bins: known and novel. Often the best choice for your novel variant categorization is to use a reference panel of control individuals with the closest matching ethnicity. But rather than have to face the task of compiling all those reference panels yourself for analysis, it may be preferable to curate them from a known source. Continue reading »

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Golden Helix software has been cited in over 550 peer-reviewed publications world-wide in journals such as Nature, PLoS Genetics, the New England Journal of Medicine, and the American Journal of Human Genetics.
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