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Influencing the Global Dialog on Healthcare
by Christophe Lambert, President and CEO Influencing the Global Dialog on Healthcare

On September 16-17th, I attended the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperative (APEC) Health Systems Innovation Policy Dialog in San Francisco. It was a stimulating opportunity to look at global healthcare concerns from the perspective of developing and developed economies. There was much opportunity to dialog and frame the issues around transforming healthcare systems to meet pressing problems such as aging populations, the burden of non-communicable disease, regulatory harmonization, and the problem of rising healthcare costs with diminishing returns and more.

In the sphere of government and international relations, ideas and influence are the currency. APEC as a body operates mainly as a forum of ideas and provides a vehicle for harmonization of purpose across member economies. The mindset shifts that occur at these meetings eventually percolate into public policy initiatives in individual nations and organizations such as the UN and the WTO. Continue reading »

Marker Map Manipulation Improvements in SVS 7.5
by Autumn Laughbaum, Scientific Quality Analyst

Manipulating a marker map in SVS has never been easier, thanks to expanded functionality in SVS 7.5. Have you ever wanted to view annotation data next to marker map data? Or expand the current marker map with spreadsheet data to create a custom map? SVS 7.5 features two new functions that can accomplish these tasks. Continue reading »

Wondering What SVS Can Do for a PhD Student?
by Jessica Vionas, Marketing Coordinator

Sander Recently, we sat down with Sander van der Laan, a PhD student at the University Medical Center Utrecht to chat about his research and how SVS has empowered him to do genomic research. Blog post »   |   Case study »

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Effectively Deriving Meaning from DNA Resequencing Variant Analysis
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Activate or Inactivate based on Marker Map Field
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EA and Golden Helix Collaborate to Provide RNA-Seq Cloud Solution
We are excited to announce the collaboration between EA and Golden Helix, dedicated to providing cloud-based solutions for genetic researchers ready to switch from microarrays to RNA-Seq.
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Recent Customer Success Highlights

Genetic Variants in TGF-Beta Pathway Are Associated with Ovarian Cancer Risk
Yin, J et al.
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Texas
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Journal of Human Genetics
Screening of genetic variations of SLC15A2, SLC22A1, SLC22A2 and SLC22A6 genes
Cheong, H et al.
SNP Genetics, Korea
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PLoS Genetics
Genome-Wide Gene-Environment Study Identifies Glutamate Receptor Gene GRIN2A as a Parkinson's Disease Modifier Gene via Interaction with Coffee
Hamza, T et al.
Wadsworth Center, New York
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New contributions to the study of common double mutants in the human LDL receptor gene
Tejedor, M et al.
University of Zaragoza
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Journal of Molecular Neuroscience
The Age at Motor Symptoms Onset in LRRK2-Associated Parkinson's Disease is Affected by a Variation in the MAPT Locus: A Possible Interaction
Gan-Or, Z et al.
Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Israel
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