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Video Graphics and Genomics: A Real Game Changer?
by Mike Thiesen, Software Engineer

Why should a genetic researcher care about the latest in video gaming technology? The answer is video graphics cards or Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). For certain computational tasks, a single GPU can perform as well as an entire cluster of CPUs for only a fraction of the cost. And because video gaming has grown into a highly competitive multi-billion dollar industry, the cost of powerful graphics hardware is being driven ever downward. Although GPUs are optimized for graphics rendering, new technologies like OpenCL and CUDA have made it possible for programmers to put the GPU to work on more general computational tasks such as in scientific computing. Continue reading on "Our 2 SNPs" »

Best Practices for Incorporating Public Genotype Data in Your Study
by Dr. Bryce Christensen, Director of Services

Best Practices for Incorporating Public Genotype Data in Your Study

The Golden Helix sales team recently came to me for recommendations regarding best practices for incorporating public controls in SNP GWAS. It seems that there has been a surge of questions regarding this practice over the past few weeks from our customers. Initially, I laughed at the irony of being asked to outline the best practices for what I see as an inherently problematic practice. Golden Helix has long been vocal about promoting good experimental design and warning about the dangers of batch effects (see Christophe Lambert's post). Combining data from multiple sources is a guaranteed way to introduce batch effects into an analysis project. When some or all of that data comes from public data repositories for which you have minimal control over the data processing and no control of the sample handling and lab work, the problems are greatly compounded. Continue reading on "Our 2 SNPs" »

Conference Report: International Genetic Epidemiology Society and Genetic Analysis Workshop
by Dr. Bryce Christensen, Director of Services

IGES The week of October 10-16th was a busy time in our industry. Hundreds of biostatisticians, genetic epidemiologists, and statistical geneticists gathered in Cambridge, MA for the annual conference of the International Genetic Epidemiology Society (IGES) on October 10-12, followed by the biennial Genetic Analysis Workshop (GAW) on October 13-16. I had the opportunity to participate in both conferences, and I was joined at IGES by my Golden Helix colleagues Christophe Lambert and Deni Hogan. Continue reading on "Our 2 SNPs" »

ASHG 2010
is coming!
Win an SVS Server License!

NGS workshop Thursday, 11/4 at 7 am

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Sirius Genomics and Golden Helix Collaborate on Diagnostics
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IGES 2010 Survey Results Available
Thanks to all the IGES attendees who participated in our GWAS/NGS survey entering for a chance to win an SVS server license. We've posted the results online if you are interested.

Another license will be given away after ASHG. You can stop by booth at ASHG (#1012) if you haven't filled out a survey yet. Both winners will be announced in the December e-news.

GHI Harnesses the Power of GPUs
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   Featured Webcast
Common Genetic Variants Modulate Nicotinic Alpha5 Receptor mRNA Expression and Risk for Nicotine Dependence
This webcast highlights a great example of locating the causative SNP in a large block of correlated SNPs and linkage disequilibrium by combining genotyping, expression, and haplotype approaches.

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Recent Customer Success Highlights

10.15.10  |  PLoS ONE
CoAIMs: A Cost-Effective Panel of Ancestry Informative Markers for Determining Continental Origins
Londin, E. et al
Coriell Institute for Medical Research, Camden, New Jersey, USA
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10.13.10  |  BJU International
Polymorphic deletions of the GSTT1 and GSTM1 genes and susceptibility to bladder cancer
Salinas-Sanchez, A. et al
Complejo Hospitalario Universitario, Albacete, Spain
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10.13.10  |  PLoS ONE
New Copy Number Variations in Schizophrenia
Magri, C. et al
Brescia University School of Medicine, Brescia, Italy
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9.28.10  |  European Journal of Pediatrics
Association between toll-like receptor 10 (TLR10) gene polymorphisms and childhood IgA nephropathy
Park, H. et al
Kohwang Medical Research Institute School of Medicine, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Read the abstract »

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