March Special
Small-Lab VarSeq PowerPack (2-seat) | $17,500

Ready to take your analysis to the next level? Our Small-Lab PowerPack enables users to move their analysis from FASTQ to clinical reporting through one streamlined pipeline. Here's what's included:

  • VarSeq

  • VarSeq is an intuitive, integrated software solution for tertiary analysis. With VarSeq you can automate your workflows and analyze variants for gene panels, exomes and whole genomes.

  • VS-CNV

  • We have pioneered an industry leading CNV calling algorithm that operates on existing clinical NGS gene panel, exome and whole genome NGS data. Along with the calling of CNV events, the entire workflow is managed inside VarSeq’s clinical interpretation workflow. This integration enables CNV events to be considered alongside the annotated and filtered NGS small variants and incorporated into clinical reporting using VSReports.

  • VSReports

  • With VSReports, you can easily convert the output of your tertiary analysis into a customized clinical report. After you've filtered down your imported variants, simply select variants to include in the report. You are then one click away from a report that includes:

    • Identifiers from dbSNP or COSMIC catalogs
    • Descriptions of gene function from OMIM
    • Pathogenicity based on your past variant assessments or Clinvar
    • HGVS variant names
    • Exon Numbers
    • Sequence Ontology
    • Coverage Information
    • Variant interpretations provided by the user
    • Overall Test interpretation
  • Sentieon Tier 1

  • Sentieon provides complete solutions for secondary DNA analysis. Its software improves upon BWA, GATK, Mutect, and Mutect2 based pipelines. The Sentieon tools are deployable on any generic-CPU-based computing system. It provides significant speed advantages over existing methods, without sacrificing precision and accuracy. Sentieon’s products are highly synergistic with VS-CNV - the two products combined provide the most complete secondary analysis solution in the industry. *Usage restrictions apply on Sentieon Tier 1 only.

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