20th Anniversary

We are beaming with happiness as our 20th Anniversary is approaching on September 15th, 2018! We could not have done it without our fantastic community, so we wanted to include you all in our celebration! We have put together a total of 20 packages that offer a variety of 20-month licenses for the price of a 12-month license!

There are only 20 in total, so you will have to act on them quickly if you are interested in obtaining this once-in-a-GHI-lifetime price. These offers will be ending on our official anniversary, September 15th! We are very happy to extend this offer to new clients or as an upgrade to existing packages. They are on a first come, first serve basis, so we encourage you to reach out as soon as possible. Get ahold of our team by emailing info@goldenhelix.com or filling out the form at the bottom of this page!

Here's what we're offering

  • (0 remain) SVS License 1 user - $2,995

  • (0 remain) SVS Server License with Imputation 2 user - $7,995

  • (2 1 remains) VarSeq License 1 user - $4,795

  • (0 remains) VarSeq License (w/ VSReports & VS-CNV) 1 user - $12K

  • (2 1 remains) VSClinical License (w/ VarSeq, VSReports, CADD & OMIM) 1 user - $12K

  • (2 1 remains) VSClinical & VS-CNV License (Small Lab Starter) 2 user - $24K

  • (2 1 remains) VarSeq, VSReports, VS-CNV, Tier 1 Sentieon 1 users $17.5K

  • (2 1 remains) Sentieon Tier 2 License - $10K

  • (2 1 remains) Small Warehouse License (VS-CNV, VSClinical, Sentieon Tier 1, VSReports, VSPipeline) 2 user - $48K

  • (0 remain) Warehouse License (VS-CNV, VSClinical, Sentieon Tier 1, VSReports, VSPipeline) Up to 10 users - $120K

*Offers end September 15, 2018*

Our team is ready to discuss these specials with you today! Enter your information below, and we will be in touch shortly. If you do not see a form, please email us here.

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